Sustentabilidade e alimentação consciente no .Org

Localizado na Barra da Tijuca (RJ), .Org alia alimentação consciente, sustentabilidade e equilíbrio em suas refeições. Orgânico, integral, fresco, local, sazonal e não processado! The .Org is the right restaurant for those seeking a healthy and tasty food,,pt,and fresh unprocessed enter,,pt, com novidades todos os dias à mesa. Prezando pela qualidade de vida, só ingredientes 100% orgânicos, locais, sazonais, frescos e não processados entram…

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Chocolate: Easter villain?

"I called in chocolate, just want chocolate ", already said Tim Maia. This phrase defines the spirit of Easter, agree? Addicts in food enjoying the time to exaggerate the amount consumed. Armed with justifications, they talk about the release of hormones that provide welfare, das case endorphins. However, as the saying goes, everything in excess is…


Carnival: health care (2)

Carnival is the time of year where “everything is permitted”: drink a little beyond measure, escape that more radical diet and to neglect your health… Do Not, does not! Lack of care may cause damage that will extend for some time. Due to the intense pace of revelry and high temperature summer, Dehydration may appear….