Half colored pants: know how to use without fear of making mistakes

By Bruna Nastas via caras.uol.com.br With the arrival of winter, many women invest in pantyhose to create a more fun look without leaving the side style. In the movie 'How I Was Before You', Emilia Clarke actress displays her colorful socks on paper sweet Louisa Clarke. In the series' Gossip Girl’ e ‘The Carrie Diaries’, Leighton Meester and AnnaSophia Robb also squander…


Chocolate: Easter villain?

"I called in chocolate, just want chocolate ", already said Tim Maia. This phrase defines the spirit of Easter, agree? Addicts in food enjoying the time to exaggerate the amount consumed. Armed with justifications, they talk about the release of hormones that provide welfare, das case endorphins. However, as the saying goes, everything in excess is…


Roberta Sudbrack, a long history

Reinventing is the verb that describes Roberta Sudbrack. She has a long history, marked by moments that required to act in such a way, which eventually led to a prominent position in the Brazilian gastronomy. Whoever heard in Rio Grande do Sul know it was chef at Alvorada Palace, in other words, cooked for the then President of…

Roberta Sudbrack

Food Trucks return to Rio de Janeiro

The fever Food Trucks park in Rio de Janeiro. This weekend takes place the Fair Planetary event, that brings together the best street food in the Gávea Planetarium gardens. The event has attracted more than 60 thousand visitors in 6 previous editions and, with the regulation of the activity, the trend is that this craze…

food trucks

Recipes for not escape the diet

Maintaining a healthy diet can be difficult among so many temptations around us, como fast food, chocolate, barbecue and so on… But the good news is that it gives to innovate with recipes using simple ingredients and healthy. We separated a few suggestions for you, reader. Check Out! For the meal, Vegetable Spaghetti. See the ingredients: 200g zucchini (source de…


Detox, the drink of the moment

You've probably heard about the detox juices. Rage among those who want to improve fitness, the drink has never been so high. The advantages offered are many: improves bowel function, aids digestion, PMS sends into space and, clear, detoxifies the body to transform toxins into substances that are eliminated in the urine, for example….