A culinária democrática do Pipo: um charme carioca

Democratic and Rio,,pt,or Pipo,,es,do chef Felipe Bronze,,en,enchants because of its cutting edge cuisine,,pt,Rio de Janeiro is still beautiful and everyone knows it,,pt,But did you know that the Rio de Janeiro continues increasingly gastronomic,,pt,With options for all tastes,,pt,it's easy to find a place that suits your palate,,pt,And to celebrate the Carioca culture,,pt,Stocking cap,,fi,is a good choice,,pt,Their menu rescues,,pt,Carioca,,pt,style,,pt,Bronze,,en,more casual manner and with the presence of glowing,,pt,marks Felipe Bronze chef,,pt,restaurant owner,,pt, o Pipo, do chef Felipe Bronze, enchants because of its cutting edge cuisine Rio de Janeiro is still beautiful and everyone knows it,,pt,And to celebrate,,es. Mas você sabia que o Rio de Janeiro continua cada vez mais gastronômico? Com opções para todos os gostos, é fácil encontrar um lugar que agrade o seu paladar. E para celebrar…

Foto: Tomas Rangel

Carnival: health care (2)

Carnival is the time of year where “everything is permitted”: drink a little beyond measure, escape that more radical diet and to neglect your health… Do Not, does not! Lack of care may cause damage that will extend for some time. Due to the intense pace of revelry and high temperature summer, Dehydration may appear….


Carnival: street block list

Listen to verse "O opens the way / What I want to move" can only mean one thing: is carnival! And one of the main forms of entertainment of Rio, and tourist, during the holiday is going to blocks. But if you think you only find marches in those places, is wrong. A good example is the Sergeant Pepper, known to play Beatles songs…

Carnaval RJ

Carnival: health care

In February has carnival. However, this fact does not mean that this is the time to play the health upward. With a little time to party, many women choose to do surgical procedures, in order to attain good shape rapidly. But, as we have the old saying goes, haste is the enemy of perfection. The doctor Gustavo…


Inspiring: Looks for carnival

Hey!!!!!!! Carnival is already there and, as I know, many people are in that dilemma that use fantasy, how to create a cool outfit without, where, have someone equal. It can not be helped, Carnival, especially this year, will happen in the height of summer, an absurd heat, especially for those who go to the RJ, Savior, Floripa… Ultimately, requested are pernocas…