Reconstruction of self-esteem


Facing a disease is never easy. Breast cancer is the most common among women, and is the second most common type in the world. The cure exists and is obtained as occurs earlier diagnosis. However, this issue brings not only damage to their health: self-esteem is also affected.

A solution to improve the psychological side is the breast reconstruction. The surgery does not remakes, literally, a parte do corpo, since there is no way to get breast glandular tissue, with ducts elsewhere and papillae. Prostheses and muscles are used in this process, making it very similar to the original. However, there is a decreased sensitivity and the new nipple is not able to respond to external stimuli or produce milk.

What is the best time to rebuild? There are two options: at the time of resection or after cessation of therapy. However, only a portion of women can make that decision. If the disease is in an advanced stage, the operation is contraindicated, and the patient must wait for healing.

It is important to know that surgery can disrupt cancer treatment, because it is a more complex operation and chances of postoperative complications. In this case, the problem for the new breast must be resolved before proceeding with chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Another issue is a possible change in schedule, which can occur if the tumor presents different than the preoperative tests indicated. You may need to postpone the reconstruction imediada.

The woman should keep in mind that the reconstruction is done in stages. In other words, so there is a sense that the breast is in its place, They are necessary, no minimum, three procedures. The operation, when properly indicated, It makes it possible to place implants at first. This fact is a positive, it increases a woman's self-esteem when it comes to dressing.

It is essential to highlight the importance of getting a diagnosis early. Besides increasing the chances of curing cancer, the similarity of the new breast with reality will be greater, finally there is the possibility of preserving the skin, the nipple and even some breast tissue. The woman should also keep in mind that the ultimate goal of physicians is to cure her of the disease. Therefore, focus on self-esteem it will be even greater after successful treatment.

How to detect breast cancer?
- self-examination: the woman should perform autopalpação of the breasts and note if there are any changes;
- Mammography: can detect early on, to be performed on people who have no symptoms of the disease. It is recommended that women between 50 and 69 years take the exam every two years.

**Conteúdo elaborado pela plastic surgeon Brunna Salvarezza.


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