Reducing the chance of Alzheimer with MIND diet

According to research by Alzheimer’s Disease International (TITLE), next to 36 millions of people around the world suffer from the disease. Known to be the most common form of dementia, it affects the cognitive processes of the body, as memory, language and attention.

However, a study involving nearly 1000 participants over a period of 9 years revealed that a new diet, known as MIND diet, can reduce up 53% the person's risk of developing the disease, if followed to the letter. However, who follow moderately, present a fall 35%, which can be considered a significant number.

Analysis, published in the newspaper Alzheimer’s and Dementia, also suggests that the chance of developing the disease falls as one follows the diet. In other words, who is engaged for longer with the power still has less likely to be affected. Its effectiveness has yet to be proven, but following MIND diet correctly can reduce the risk of other health problems, type diabetes 2.

MIND diet

About a MIND diet:

This is a merger of two diets: DASH and Mediterranean, that draw attention for the benefits that cause the heart. Its base consists of 15 elements, wherein 10 them should be consumed frequently, while the other 5 may not be present on the menu every day. Look:

On the menu: green leaves, vegetables, nuts, fruits, grains, whole grains, fish, poultry, oil and wine.

Off the menu (regular): red meat, cheese , candies, Fried foods (limited to less than one serving per week) and butter / margarine (under 1 tablespoon per day).


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