Color Correction: how to use?

Key item of female necessaries, the concealer helps to disguise skin imperfections. Ideally, the application of a that has the same skin tone. However, before him, can be applied to other functions that have specific.

For each type of stain there is a corresponding color. Just pay attention to the colors, after all the additional neutralize other. To cover dark circles and bruises, the concealer will be used yellow. In the case of freckles and sun spots, indicated is the lilac. If you want to disguise acne, should opt for green. Spots to neutralize amarronzadas, as dark circles, the red is the best option.

Be careful when you apply: it is okay to give light taps with his finger in the area, as with traditional correction. Never rub the product into the skin, area will be more evidence.

corretivos coloridos

Making of Crème Concealer - Contém1g, Studio Conceal and Correct Palette/Dark – MAC e Collor Correcting Palette – NYX


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