Renewing beauty with 3 Deep I-Fine

Another treatment has just arrived in Clinical Paula Bellotti: 3 Deep I-Fine. The novelty is a fractional radiofrequency which was developed to treat delicate parts of the skin, as the region around the eyes. By acting, there is a deep heating locally and regeneration, inside out.

3 Deep I-Fine

According to Pull. Paula Bellotti, technology, Israeli origin, is ideal for those who suffer greatly from the loss of collagen and volume over the years. Its use prevents wrinkles and combat, sagging, lines and expression on the face.

In addition to remodel the collagen and restore the firmness of the region, treatment brings another benefit: the patient does not have to give up your routine. He is subjected to about six sessions with weekly or biweekly intervals, according to the skin reaction 3 Deep I-Fine.3 Deep I-Fine

Where to find:

Clinical Paula Bellotti

Of. Afrânio de Melo Franco 141, 3˚ floor - Leblon (Building Melo Franco Medical Center)

Such: (21) 2294-9514


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