Half colored pants: know how to use without fear of making mistakes


By Bruna Nastas via caras.uol.com.br

With the arrival of winter, many women invest in pantyhose to create a more fun look without leaving the side style.

In the movie 'How I Was Before You', the actress Emilia Clarke displays his colorful socks on paper sweet Louisa Clarke. In the series' Gossip Girl’ e ‘The Carrie Diaries’, Leighton Meester and AnnaSophia Robb also lavish style with fun and colorful tights.

Second Specialist Irma Alves, diretora da grife FIBstore, there is no restriction for those looking to invest in the look, but it largely depends on the chosen print. “There are prints that enhance the silhouette, the most "chubby’ should be aware”, alert.

“Emilia Clarke is pure charm, combination with blue skirt, white shirt and shoes was perfect! What breaks the visual high school are the horizontal striped socks, because they draw attention to the legs of the actress and create a certain volume. Women with thick legs should avoid”.

Also according to Irma, Leighton Meester actress invested in a more neutral production, which elongates the silhouette and creates a comfortable and charming look. Already AnnaSophia Robb breaks the visual rose half an overcoat. “It gives even more charm to the look with an ounce of encharpe, breaking eye full pink”.

There is no age advisable to invest in colored socks, the ideal is to always respect the proportions of the body. “In doubt, Basic is easier to hit. Se a mulher foi magra e tiver pernas curtas, a good choice are the horizontal stripes, therefore create a 3D effect and a feeling of legs larger. The black color with embroidery as well as slim down, usually stretch. Neutrals and pastels are legal for women who have one point, mas não precisam alongar nem diminuir a silhueta.”

Irma also points out that the socks can be used “with all” at the station. “Combinadas com botas longas ou de cano curto, with mini skirts and shorts, com camiseta branca e um trench-coat por cima, pode ser usada perfeitamente. No melhor estilo grunge”, concludes.


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