Detox, the drink of the moment

You've probably heard about the detox juices. Rage among those who want to improve fitness, the drink has never been so high. The advantages offered are many: improves bowel function, aids digestion, PMS sends into space and, clear, detoxifies the body to transform toxins into substances that are eliminated in the urine, for example. Furthermore, this is an easy way to get the recommended daily amount of fruits and vegetables.

The effects can be even better if the consumption occurs in the morning, unfed. However, is important to remember that the drink will not perform miracle. The effects arise when the intake is combined with a balanced diet.

Check out some recipes below and enjoy summer to cool off with a glass of ice-cold juice!

Revenue 1

200 ml of whole grape juice; 1 Cabbage leaf; ½ apple; 1 spoon (tea) linseed meal.

Revenue 2

1 spoon (sopa) raw sugar beet; 1 spoon (sopa) goji berry; 1 spoon (sopa) chopped strawberries; 150 ml of water and coconut water; 50 ml orange juice.

Revenue 3

3 and washed cabbage leaves; 2 peeled oranges (take the seeds); 1 piece of ginger; 1 liter of water.


Beat all ingredients in a blender and then consume then, to prevent the occurrence of the loss of nutrients.



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