Paola Ribeiro: knowing their work

The interior designer Paola Ribeiro shared with the Fashion team Inclusive Brazil one of his recent projects. He was part of the Casa Cor exhibition, which had its first edition in Brazil for more than 25 year old. It is a national and international reference of good taste. Furthermore, the sample is considered to be more complete in respect of…

Paola Ribeiro 01

Wonderful City is editorial scenario

I’m talking about Rio! Showing the best of Rio lifestyle, the photographer Daniel Castro photographed models, using the backdrop of the wonderful city. Clicks happened during the month of January, in several parts of the capital Rio de Janeiro, as Ipanema beach. It is a beautiful tribute to 450 years the city, do not you think? "Flower garden of love and…

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Detox, the drink of the moment

You've probably heard about the detox juices. Rage among those who want to improve fitness, the drink has never been so high. The advantages offered are many: improves bowel function, aids digestion, PMS sends into space and, clear, detoxifies the body to transform toxins into substances that are eliminated in the urine, for example….