Qual é a estação das flores na moda? Todas!

democratic,,es,the flowers make up,,pt,look,,en,anyone,,pt,combining romance and youthfulness in one piece,,pt,An old song of Ira musical ensemble,,pt,talks about seeing flowers on loved one,,pt,but it is not difficult to happen this situation in a more literal way,,pt,floral pattern dominates large collections,,pt,labels,,en,and worldwide cabinets,,pt,Dior and Gucci are some examples of brands that lead the passion to the catwalk,,pt,Those who follow the Parisian productions certainly know the importance of flowers for the brand,,pt, the flowers make up the look of any person,,pt,combining romanticism and cheerfulness in one piece An old song of Ira musical ensemble,,pt,floral pattern dominates collections of major labels and worldwide cabinets,,pt,Dior e Gucci,,en,winter Archives,,pt, aliando romantismo e jovialidade em uma só peça Uma antiga canção do conjunto musical Ira! fala sobre enxergar flores na pessoa amada, mas não é difícil acontecer esta situação de uma forma mais literal. After All, a estampa floral domina coleções de grandes labels e armários mundo afora. Dior e Gucci…


Half colored pants: know how to use without fear of making mistakes

By Bruna Nastas via caras.uol.com.br With the arrival of winter, many women invest in pantyhose to create a more fun look without leaving the side style. In the movie 'How I Was Before You', Emilia Clarke actress displays her colorful socks on paper sweet Louisa Clarke. In the series' Gossip Girl’ e ‘The Carrie Diaries’, Leighton Meester and AnnaSophia Robb also squander…


Fur free: uma moda que vale a pena

A moda ganha tons verdes. A preocupação com o meio ambiente tem levado diversas marcas a abolirem o uso de pele de animais em suas coleções. O caso mais recente é a alemã Hugo Boss, que anunciou, em julho deste ano, que a próxima coleção de Outono/Inverno 2016 será fur free.   Conheça outras grifes que também aderiram ao…

fur free

City of Arts is publishing scenario

In a new editorial, Daniel Castro shows that the City of Arts is a scenario more appropriate for artistic events, as the picture. Professional devastates by clicking the Isabela Di Carli model at the Cultural Center, located in Barra da Tijuca (RJ). The parts used by young show some fashion that is featured not only on the streets and in…

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Oscar: what went down?

On the night of Sunday, em Los Angeles, happened to Oscar Edition 2015. More than an awards ceremony, the event is also responsible for influencing the fashion world through the look of the main artists parading the red carpet. Check out some highlights of the night: Chris Pratt (on the left), veste um smoking Tom Ford, while Jared Leto uses Givenchy….

oscar 2015